Booth Fun!

Guess who wanted to be photographed in her store? Check out these work-in-progress photos of the ever-evolving tradeshow booth. Logo, orange circles, and believe it or not, FURNITURE, still need to be installed. Oh, and the carpet squares need a good fixing. But so far so good. The booth will be easy to spot in the 10 x 5 booth section at the show since the rest of the vendors in my section will likely have the black backdrop. Sometimes I have tiny moments of brilliance sandwiched between many moments of complete idiocy and forgetfulness.

Now, what was I writing about? Oh, yea, that's right....

The booth was easy to figure out....it's my wardrobe for the show that will be hard. Sequins, no sequins, sequins with the tool belt, such hard decisions to be made.


Stephanie said...

Love, love, love the trade show booth, can't wait to see pics of it up and running.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking you should go with sassy jeans, a not-too-revealing, yet flattering top, (as opposed too a hideous top that one would always turn to in a time of needed fashion) and the all-important tool belt. One can never go wrong with a toolbelt. Although, toolbelt + sequins = disaster! Steer clear of that one.