Booth Building Bonanza!

This week I've substituted building kid furniture for building a trade show booth for the Baby Celebration LA show coming up in April. Scott and I have been working on it for the past three days and it's coming along! I'll take a few pictures today and post them so you can see the progress.

The funniest part about it is that Gracie thinks that the booth, which is sitting in our driveway, will remain there and she can sell scrap wood pieces from the booth...in our driveway. LOVE THAT! She desperately wants to help so we've been keeping her busy, when she's not in school, doing everything but "helping" with the booth. So far, she's stacked all the extra wood bits into a sculpture that sits in the middle of my new "store." I really have a good feeing about her sales capabilities. She may even make Sales Girl of the Driveway if she really puts her mind to it and does some suggestive selling!

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Meril said...

you have my utmost respect. anytime i start a project in the driveway, it turns into a magnet for all kids mayhem. thus, nothing gets done. i don't know how you do it. it's very hard to parent and concentrate on a project as complex as a trade show booth.

and btw, i love the lazy susan art table you have. it's a great design.