The Bertie Box

We did it!!! And we're not getting divorced! My hubby and I managed to collaborate beautifully by calmly yelling, belittling, whining, and occasionally praising one another during our two-day process and came out on the other end with a new toy box! We put our heads together to come up with The Bertie Box!

This little guy will be heading to the Baby Celebration LA Show on April 12th but I'll also put on my online store very soon.

The bird's (or chick as some see it) orange body pulls out like a puzzle piece (similar to the Owyn Toy Box). The cut-out that looks like a wing is the opening for little hands to lift up. The toy box is made from 1/2 inch adn 3/4 inch birch plywood and sits on casters so it can be moved around easily.

Natural birch on the inside

White body, birch top, orange lid and walnut stained veneer as cut-out legs and beak.
Isn't it just ducky?!? (that was bad, I know.)


Lorraine + Henry + Lauren said...

What a brilliant collaboration! LOVE IT!!! Each new design tops the last, Kiers. You're amazing. Bertie is fantastic. Scott's not so bad, either : )

steliedesigns said...


julia said...

Very good! I love the toybox.
Now I'm thinking how it would be to illustrate something with Vincent, and it's ... not. happening.
Or I'll just divorce first, that way we would avoid all difficulties in the first place.
So to sum it up: We admire you and your husband.

Carrie said...

I love the Bertie Box! It's so cute:)
Impressive that it's a collaboration too.
My husband and I have worked together on some of my pieces in the past, but I don't think he'll work with me anymore. I'm not sure why something about me being too bossy or mean or something silly like that:)

Magpie said...

How sweet! I love it. :) You do such beautiful work.

Thanks for the kind comment!!

leslie said...

this is so awesome, wish i could figure out where to put one... maybe it doesnt matter. good luck at your show this weekend.