The Letter "S"

What comes after Sciatica in the dictionary of medical illnesses? None other than STREP THROAT! Apparently, I'm coming down with anything that starts with "s". After the sciatica ordeal last week (it's better, thanks to the advice of everyone to see a chiropractor), I started feeling a tiny bit of fire in my throat. Sure enough, it's a massive throat infection. Next up, Syphilis. Or a Staph infection...or...oh hell, I could do this all day.

One good thing that doesn't start with an "S" did come my way by way of the strep throat. It's called Vicodin with a "V". WHOOHOOO!! Boy does that help my throat. I did notice my jigsaw cuts were a bit more wonky today than normal. Oh well, I have Vicodin! I'm almost 35 and had never been prescribed this lovely pain killer before. I promise not to go overboard and end up writing this blog from rehab. But I'll certainly enjoy not feeling the throat pain for a little while.

Back to making wiggley jig cuts and smiling as I walk through my filthy, dirty, kid-stuff- everywhere house. Strep Throat --- bad. Vicodin --- good!

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