Apprentice x 5

"What do you use this for?"

"I use that to sand off rough edges."

"And what's this do?"

"It helps me draw straight lines."

"Do you use a jackhammer?"


This is just a tiny snapshot of what's going on in my garage lately with my new kids. They are so curious which is really great because my kids are SO OVER me and my garage life. Except for the occasional game of "wood shop" with Grace. The Gottlieb boys have all seen me build many things for their own house and for my business, but they're now seeing the day-to-day of it. Overall, I get the feeling they think I'm crazy.

I did actually build a toy box today without interruption so now that I think about it, maybe my new kids are over me too. They keep asking which one I'm building to see if it's one with their name. I think Patrick may feel a bit slighted because his older brother gets the Eamonn Table Set and Patch only gets a chair -- aptly named the "Patrick Chair." I can't say as I blame him but that's what happens when you are family friends of a mom/carpenter who builds modern kids' furniture and names them after cool kids she knows. It happens all the time, I'm sure.

Gotta get back to packing lunches and organizing backpacks so I can pretend that the morning will go smoothly trying to get four kids out the door. Then it'll be off to the garage to finish that toy box while Gracie asks me over and over again why I haven't built her Barbie motel yet. What do Barbies do in a motel? Wait...I don't want to know.


Meril said...

You crack me up.

julia said...

What ? No sledgehammer ? How disappointing.

leslie said...

i have seen your lovely toy box on etsy before and maybe somewhere else?? but hadnt stumbled onto your blog until today. love it!! you are truly awesome and i would love to make furniture with you in your garage, i am so sick of my career right now, really truly burnt out! anyways, i actually live close by so i probably could come work with you!