Candy Land

Yesterday was my official first day back. And what did I do? I dragged my kids (who are STILL out of school) to the lumber yard and promised them candy afterwards if they wouldn't hug each other at the yard, which then turns into a fight because the 9-year-old gets irritated by his 5-year-old little sister hanging on him. We're off to a good start, right? Mom: 0, Carpenter: 1. Bribery is the not talked about staple of any mom-run business where the kids have to continually come along on work errands. So is the promise of some crappy kid movie that we all watch together and Scott and I act like we're just "resting our eyes" during the viewing.

Off to the garage to not do laundry, listen to some good country radio, and bang out a toy box! Where are the kids, you ask? Eating candy and watching some crappy kid movie in the living room. Did you really have to ask?

Side Note: I will be making homemade playdough later today so I think that should bring the score up to Mom: 1 and Carpenter: 1.


I am Jen said...

This is normal...except I am the sewer not carpenter and the kids are watching Caillou because that's the only 30 minutes of pure uninterrupted time I get during the 24 hour period called a day!

Anonymous said...

It's so great to see a fellow 'make stuff to sell at home' mom! I sometimes think I will go berserk trying to work around my children. They are still home from the break too, and I've had to do the bribery thing while going to the craft store. They of course want to 'help' me make whatever I'm making to, lol!