Custom Mid-Century Toy Box

Grace and I are off to deliver this custom mid-century toy box today to a lovely woman in LA. When Grace isn't in school, she's my assistant. One day she answered my cell phone while I was still loading something into the car and apparently talked to the prospective customer for about five minutes. When I came in to find her on the phone and asked if there was someone on the other end, she said yes. "It's Grandma." So I pick it up thinking it's my mom and the very kind woman from New Orleans said, "No, not Grandma, but someone interested in buying one of your toy boxes."
Obviously, I "hired" my daughter on the spot. She answers calls, does some light sanding, and says inappropriate things at deliveries. Now that I think about it, she needs a raise!!


Anonymous said...

The toy box is awesome, but your sales girl is terrific! I'm sure she will sell many things for you.

Rebecca said...

Are you still selling the toy boxes? I love it! It's absolutely perfect! Please let me know. Thanks!

Mod Mom Furniture said...


I am still selling toy boxes! I just sold a couple so if you don't see the photos on my online store, it's because I haven't reposted them yet. Go to www.modmomfurniture.etsy.com. Also look at the sold items. All of my furniture is made to order.
Feel free to email me at kiersten@modmomfurniture.com with questions. I also have a website www.modmomfurniture.com but it's a tad outdated and doesn't show the latest designs.