The Stomach Flu Is Not Good For Business

My thumb hurts from flipping channels on the remote the ENTIRE day while I laid in bed breathing through stomach cramps. What glorious day! It got me thinking how when I was working full-time outside of the home, I could take sick days and somehow not feel such an overwhelming sense of needing to be working. I laid in bed while my hubby delivered Sprite and saltines and took care of the kids and I kept counting in my head the number of toy boxes or tables and chairs I need to build: 8. Pretty much all day, I was thinking 8. That, and how I haven't showered in two days (see previous post). And that I was a little appalled at myself for getting scared while watching back to back Children of The Corn movies on AMC's Spooky Movie Week. I'm so glad we don't live near a corn field.

Tomorrow I'll be back full-force -- with my sense of humor revived -- building toy boxes and taking care of puking kids. Cuz you KNOW that comes next, right??

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julia said...

Sorry to hear you're sick. Or were sick. Are you feeling better now ? When I saw the picture you posted I thought at first you were feeling angry with your family. Glad to know it finally is just the flu.