New Links!

I'm excited to announce that Mod Mom Furniture is now being sold at the following stores:

Cool Baby is a really cool store with art and dance/yoga for kids. It's on the edge of Beverly Hills on Pico near the Beverly Center.

An incredible online modern baby gear and clothing store. I'm selling mostly storage pieces on this site. You can shop by brand too so look for Mod Mom Furniture


Lorraine + Henry + Lauren said...

Yay Kiersten! Congratulations! What you are doing is just amazing!!!

lovely lindsay said...

drooooling. found my way here from dearest beebeemod's blog and like her we're trying to make the transition into "big boy bed" he's currently sleeping in a pile of blankets because i can't bring myself to tuck him into one of those lousy wal-mart toddler beds. your platform bed would be perfect and i'm a bit bummed that we don't live anywhere near L.A. ** maybe i'll take a crack at it myself??
the table and chairs! oh and the toy chest! love them. glad to have found your little corner of cyberspace. i'll check back often!

jesseca said...

Congrats! Your work is AWESOME!! I am completely in awe of your skills.

Best wishes,
Jesseca Bellemare
Quil Baby