The Mom in Mod Mom -- Birthday Edition

Both of our kids birthdays fall within a week of each other. Noah's is September 29th and Grace's is on Oct. 3. Four years and four days apart. (Guess we had a FANTASTIC January several years ago!) Anyhow, this was the first year we couldn't convince them (now 9 and 5) to have their birthday party together. So last weekend was a sleepover for 10 kids ranging in age from 5 to 12. This past weekend was Grace's party -- a carnival party in our front yard -- complete with bouncy (no carnies, though) and many things made by Mod Mom and Mod Dad.

So Mod Mom furniture had to take a back seat (or as much of a back seat as I can make it take) for us to crank out our best carnival gear. Check out the photos. Do you think there's a market for handmade from old wood that got wet, shot-ily put together, carnival gear?

Oh, the ring toss. A artistic masterpiece, don't ya think?

Grace insisted the popcorn be sold for $8 or be free.
I thought $8 was really cheap given that it WAS microwaved. And this is LA.
Most opted for the "or free"

Who doesn't like a good game of bean bag toss??

The "AMAZING" Jesse was a friend's bunny. Turns out Jesse
was Jessica just last week. Right up until the vet visit. Either
way, Jesse was AMAZING!


lovely lindsay said...

you must be the coolest mod parents in the neighborhood. happy birthday to the kiddos. **

Mod Mom Furniture said...

Coolest, no. Dorkiest, yes! Thanks for all your really sweet and supportive comments, lovely lindsay!