Keynote at Las Vegas World Market: Building a Brand from the Beginning

I've mentioned this before but now that its coming closer and closer (and I'm starting to work on the presentation and am getting SUPER excited about it), I thought I'd put it out there again.  If you're heading to Las Vegas Market in July, come by on Wed, August 1 at 10am to hear me talk about what is working (and what didn't work) as Mod Mom grows.  I'll share some inside stories, tips, failures, and in general, what I'm hoping folks will benefit from when building their own brands.

Hope to see you there!!


Building a Brand from the Beginning

10:00 am - 11:00 am | World Forum - 16th Floor of Building B


Kiersten Hathcock, CEO of ModMom Furniture, will share tips on what worked and what didn't work while building a brand with $0 and running a company despite roadblock after roadblock. She'll also share how she learned to trust her intuition even when the world was saying she was nuts to try to build and design furniture without design or carpentry experience.

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