Shark Tank is Almost Here!!

Check out the preview for next week's episode where I pitch the Sharks!

April 1 on ABC -- 8pm/7pm central


Friends in Low Places

That tight jeans-wearin' Garth Brooks was onto something with that song of his.  While I know his intended message was a bit different than mine, I think "low places" fits the bill for us.

We've been so lucky to have friends and supporters (some we know, some we've never met) stick by us even when we were in very low places emotionally and financially over the past year.  The old saying about true colors coming through during hard times is, as it turns out, on the money.  We haven't exactly been the "fun couple" this last year yet a core group of friends weathered the storm with us.  You've helped calm our fears, offered encouragement, listened to our frustration, stepped in to help when you knew we were out of energy and faith, made us laugh and think of things other than unemployment and cancer, offered money and food, brought margaritas, and kept inviting us to parties and dinners, even though you knew we had a little less fun to offer than usual.  I truly don't know if you'll ever know what all of that has meant to us.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I want to especially thank a few friends and family members who have supported us (and Mod Mom Furniture) through thick and thin.  Many, many thanks to Katie Hatch, the my sister Traci and her family, my parents and in-laws, Lauren Tucker, Shannon Collier, Marty Petrone, the Boulais family, the Malone family, the Bagwell family, the Palmer family, Lorraine Lee, the Dowers family, the Caneday family, the Roberto family, Marian D'Elia, Glen Barker and David Whipps.

We're so looking forward to lots of sunny times ahead.  As Scott says, we're about to get a helluvalot more fun!! :)


And the Winner Is.....

Thanks so much to all thirty three of you who so generously donated money to help my friends who are struggling.  The over $850 that was raised was a HUGE help!!  They are now residing with friends who opened their home so they're feeling better about the future knowing they have a safe place to land and get back on their feet.  Thanks so much for opening your hearts and wallets. 

Now, for the winner of the Owyn Toy Box!!!  I took all thirty three names of folks who made donations and numbered them.  Then I used the random number generator below to pick a number between 1 and 33 and.....

Lori is a gorgeous friend (inside and out) from high school who lives in Ohio and is a UC grad.  Ironically, if you'll notice at the top of the random number generator, there's an ad for UC.  All signs were definitely pointing to Lori on this win!!  Lori, I'll email you directly and ship the toy box out on Monday.

Thanks again for your love and support!!!


OMG there is so much I want to tell you...but I have to wait. :)

Autumn Reeser from No Ordinary Family at the Pre-Oscar Boom Boom Room in Beverly Hills
I've been pretty MIA on the blog lately.  Partly because I'm working like crazy and partly because it's really hard to write knowing I can't share much of anything right now.  And as my family knows, it's tough for me to keep a secret most days. I'm like a seven-year-old when it comes to that. 

Lately, life has been filled with Oscar events (so fun!!) and prep for the airing of the episode I'm in on Shark Tank on April 1st. The lice is all gone -- seriously, what a huge pain in the rear -- but some sort of stomach bug has invaded in its place. Grace is on the couch right now watching some seriously heinous kids programming as I write this.

I'm also getting excited about a speaking engagment at the High Point Furniture Market on April 4th - http://www.hfnmag.com/furniture/mod-mom-founder-headline-asfd-event-during-high-point . In a prior life before woodworking and ad sales (back when purple suits with shoulder pads were in style), I used to design training modules and teaching public speaking.  It's been awhile since I've done anything like that (except for Shark Tank, of course) so I've gotta reach back into the vault.  No purple suit though.

Gotta sign off for now.  I have to go bash the TV in to get a break from bad kids programming.  :)

P.S. Don't miss your chance to get yourself entered to win an Owyn Toy Box!!!  And you'll be helping a struggling family!!!  I'm going to draw the winner on Friday!!  Go here for details... http://modmomfurniture.blogspot.com/2011/02/please-help-amazing-family-and-get.html .