life in my garage...is changing

I was suddenly struck by just how different life is about to be for us and how right it all feels.  You know how timing just doesn't feel right sometimes even for good things? Well, it almost feels like things are right with the universe now for whatever is in front of me.

As you all know, I'm transitioning from being the one-woman manufacturing center to the one-woman designer and manager of Mod Mom.  And it couldn't come at a better time.  I've mentioned before how I have some issues with my hands due to repetitive use from the constant building, sanding, and cutting I've done over the past few years.  Well, yesterday I was sanding something and then went to send a text on my phone and my darn thumb wouldn't stop jumping round.  I couldn't even text, it was so twitch-y. That's it.  If I can't text, there's no use in going on. :)

The past few months have been interesting, that's for sure.  It's laughable now (and all in perspective, believe me, I know we could've gone through FAR worse...so many people are) but check out this list of events:  unemployment/lack of money, cancer, cancer again, Shark Tank prep and filming, rat infestation in our house, cars breaking down, kids' school issues/concerns, lice, and three deaths in the family.  At one point, Scott and I said we should just sit down with a bottle of two dollar wine and wait for the locusts to come.  We did sit down with wine but instead we watched the sun set over the ocean.  Much better than locusts, I have to say.

As it is with all things, change and obstacles are learning experiences.  I learned to charge ahead no matter how tired and scared I felt.  I'm still learning that one.  But what I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt is that life in my garage is changing and I'm ready.  Oh, and I can also tell you that the lice are gone so if you see me, don't freak out.  No lice here. :)


New Owyn Table and Chair Set Coming Soon!!

Check out the new Owyn Collection that's coming soon!!

The table and chair set will be the second piece for sale along side the Owyn Toy Box in the coming month.  We'll  work on getting the rest of the collection launched ASAP!

The Owyn Table and Chair set has a lift off lid where you can store crayons and such.  It's the perfect companion for the Owyn Toy Box.

(These designs are registered copyrights of Mod Mom Furniture (California USA).
Owyn –1-478569381)

The Czar of Mod Mom Furniture East

One of the absolute joys of moving manufacturing to an Amish shop in Ohio is that my parents live there!  Well, not with the Amish but in Ohio.  As most of you know, my dad built much of our furniture growing up.  He was a football coach/PE/Health teacher who taught himself to build traditional furniture and I had the pleasure of seeing him do it.  And learning from him, that I could teach myself almost anything if I wanted.  No need for fear.  It's just a table saw, after all. 

My parents drove over yesterday to L&J Woodworking to approve a few samples for me and take photographs.  As you may have guessed, working with an Amish manufacturer takes a bit of creative thinking to make up for the lack of ease of email, internet, digital photographs, etc.  We've come up with a great system where I send a fax via internet/email to their fax machine which runs on steam-powered electricity.  But when it comes to approving samples, either I have to fly in or my dad heads over.  I'm so thankful that my parents are willing to make the four-hour one way journey for me.  And it helps that dad knows woodworking.  A lot!!

Check out this great picture of dad taking notes while writing on the top of the NEW Owyn Table and Chair set! You'll recognize some of my other designs around him. (Photo credit goes to my mom, Cheryl Parsons.)


15% off Owyn and Bertie through Jan 31st!!

The “If I step on another freakin’ toy?!?!”...“Toys are TAKING OVER!”...“When did our house turn into kid-land?” POST HOLIDAY SALE IS HERE!!!

Get 15% off when you order an Owyn Toy Box and/or a Bertie Toy Box now through the end of
January!  Shipping is included in the price with the exception of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and

Simply contact Kiersten at kiersten@modmomfurniture.com and your new toy box will be at your doorstep in 4-6 weeks.  Credit, debit, paypal and checks are accepted. Initial deposit (half of the total) upon ordering.

(Discount only valid direct through Mod Mom Furniture.  Disount not valid on other toy box styles.)