Cool Mom Picks Hearts The Noah Owl Box on My Birthday

YEAH for two things:

1. It's my birthday! Grace guessed I was 63 and I told her "close" and sometimes I feel 63 but I'm officially in my mid-30s now. The BIG 35!! WHOOHOO! Bring on the Botox!

2. Liz from Cool Mom Picks wrote a really nice write-up on the new Owl Toy Box today.


Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday! I turned 36 on Sunday...now I am officially closer to 40 than 30.
Love your blog and products!

Darryl Masterson said...

"from her studio in LA" - when did you get that!?!

seriously though, congrats on another fantastic write up!

and I hit 36 back in April.

Russel Trojan said...

Congratulations on your ongoing success young lady. And Happy Birthday as well. I was 35 once, if I recall correctly.