Whiskey For My Men, Beer for My Desk

9:48pm. At my desk. Answering emails. Completely smashed. (just kidding about that -- it's just one beer, y'all.) If you know the blog title reference to a certain country song (Traci), then consider yourself country kin and a Willie Nelson fan.

Tomorrow I'll be cussing because I won't be able to find my favorite tape measure or the foam rollers. I'll mistakenly think I left them in a convenient spot like my WORKSHOP.


Chocolate and Steel said...

and beer for my horses:)

Congrats on the Etsy win.
I just read all of your post back to August. I really should find something productive to do. Anyways, it was lovely getting caught up on your life. Hope all is well.

Mod Mom Furniture said...

YEAH, chocolate and steel, you're country kin!!

Thanks for the congrats! I saw the totals, thanks to Michelle Caplan pointing it out to me, so I do think I won, I just haven't gotten the official word from Etsy yet. I think it happens this or next week. WHOOHOOO! I'll be catching up with you on your site as soon as I make myself go build furniture.