Coffee Talk

This was my day today. Check out the coffee from 9:00am this morning on the table saw. I took that shot around 4pm today. You'll be glad to know that the coffee is still sitting just like that in the dark garage...at 10:51pm. Tomorrow I'll have the energy to walk it ALL THE WAY to the kitchen.
** Oon, aren't you glad to see my toes painted?? I do toe painting goods, don't I?

Did I mention I'm not a neat-freak, anal-retentive woodworker? Just the kind that will eventually, after building four or so pieces, suck up all the saw dust with my shop vac. But only after I can literally skate through my garage. Cuz that's just fun.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kierstin, found your site through lumberjocks, very nice stuff your are building and love your website and blog. I am just an amateur /hobby woodworker with not enough time to get in the shop. Question for you- the inlay work you do with the branches and birds legs etc. are they routed out freeehanded or do you use a jig. Please tell more about your technique. Also , I recommend checking out Marc Spagnuolo's site TheWoodwhisperer.com a great site filled with woodworking videos and chat , you will likely love it as I have.

David T

julia said...

hah! I'm up to the challenge. My tea is probably sprouting fuzzy little legs and a head right this moment. It might have been on my work table for a moment, but I can't remember.