The old me...that showered.

Sometimes I sit and think about my old jobs -- specifically the one in Chicago where I worked downtown, ate lunch at places that served wine at lunch, and shopped Bloomingdales on Michigan Avenue.
While I wouldn't trade being home with the kids and working from home for anything in the world, sometimes I miss the old me. The old me that showered more than three times a week. And GOT HER NAILS DONE. Seriously, I used to do that. And get my hair professionally cut and styled by Bette Midler's old hairdresser. It really feels like a whole other lifetime. I was even a full-time working mom at the time but i still managed to take care of me somehow. Maybe it was the drugs!! :)
As I sit here, my toe nail paint job is mostly chipped, my hair is in a ponytail, and I haven't shaved my legs in days. And I can't tell you the last time I actually had my eyebrows done. I forget they're part of the regimen anymore.
When people ask me what it's like to work from home building furniture I say it's awesome. And when they ask what has to "give" since I'm working from home, I normally say regular sex, showers, dentist appointments and styling the back of my hair. There you have it....the cold hard truth.
I'm off to not shower and completely ignore the stain that's now embedded in the cuticles of my fingernails. I think that might be a good thing, though. I don't have to bring stain sample to appointments...just my fingernails!!


I am Jen said...

Omigosh...how true. Although I never really got my nails done. But my hair yes, I love getting my hair done. But I thought of this the other day when it was 90 degrees out and I saw these women on their lunch break, wearing long pants and nice shirts, while I was driving the minivan in shorts and a t-shirt. Ha Ha! I don't miss dress codes at all. I can stay in my pj bottoms, not shower at times and nobody will know. But somedays I miss being able to eat a meal in peace.

lovely lindsay said...

yes... me in a previous life. ha! i would wake up atleast a few hours before i needed to be somewhere to so i could look presentable. now i can hardly give myself 10 minutes. i've been looking for new shoes. and i keep spotting the ones i would have worn back "then." the flashy, pointy, high heeled kind. remember those?